Back to Work

My family has been given the opportunity to participate in a community garden.  I'll be posting updates on our grand veggie-experiment.  Join me each week at Family Garden 101 with a link to your garden project and we'll have a virtual community garden to enjoy.  

After a week off, we were back to work this week.  We did everything outside, if it was at all possible.  

Spatial reasoning and pre-math.

Pre-reading and pre-spelling skills, i.e.- tree climbing.

Horticulture, ecology, design....

Nature study of Lilacs

Sketching Azalea blossoms

Literature, math, anything portable, which is almost everything.  Now if I just had an Ipad...

It was a lovely week.  The weather goes from mild to hot pretty quickly where we live.  Already my two youngest can't play outside after lunch- it's too stressful for their metabolism.  We are now spending the mornings outdoors, everyone working on their own projects and then starting "school" for the older kids right after lunch.  

It was a wonderful idea, in theory.  I'm loving the mornings.  I'm not loving the afternoons.  My brain simply does not want to explain math at 1:30 p.m..  I don't want to help with vocabulary words, or term paper questions at 3:30 p.m..  I'm not remembering to check german or copy work....   

Time to rethink, re-plan, re-motivate.  I don't want the school year to end in a whimper. 


  1. WE are trying to get things finished by Memorial day. I don't school after that.. Well we do animals and garden after that which we call science.

  2. I love that school has been outside for y'all so much! You are right- we ALL need to be outside more.

    Also, I love the link up you have about gardening! We, sadly, do not have an area in out yard that is suitable for a garden, but we are going to be helping a friend with hers. I will be checking the link up often for ideas!

  3. We've done as much outside as possible too. Looks like you have a "budding" artist :)

  4. I was walking outside with my husband yesterday and we were talking about how we don't get outside as much as we should, especially when much of the summer is too hot to be very comfortable unless one is at the beach. When my kids were small we did a lot of school outside on a blanket in the back yard, but as they become older we become more tied to our computers, unfortunately. You are wise to be outside for this season! I know it makes the afternoon harder, but it is probably a short time in the whole scheme of things. :)

    Hang in there! Summer's comin'! I recently wrote a post about motivation to finish well on my blog: If you get a chance to see it I hope you are encouraged!