We started back to school last week.  Phew.  Just in time.  Summer break was wearing me out.

We used to school basically year round because with our Charlotte Mason approach it just worked for us. 

Then a son took a dual credit course and a daughter started taking piano on a college campus with college schedules. Not to mention part-time jobs... It quickly became evident that I needed to start considering schedules other than my own.


Everytime I get a system down that works I revel in it.  I think it will work always, for all time, forever.  I often think that everyone should try my fantastic new system which could bring about world peace.

Then something changes, and I flounder and fuss until I realize that once again I must tweak schedules to meet life.  Not life to fit schedules.

I would have made a grand Pharisee.


  1. LOL me too!! It seems like just when I find what works, something changes Aaarrrgggh! :) We're starting late this year, bu I plan to school year round this year.

  2. Yup, that's about right!
    I make a schedule at the beginning of the year...we live by it religiously for about 6 weeks...then we chuck it out the window. :)

    Melyssa from