It's That Time Of Year


Things I love about this time of the school year:

  1. Some projects and curriculum are coming to an end.  My 9 year old just finished his Queens Spelling Workbook.  It's a short curriculum, basically a really nice light review of spelling rules.  Perfect for his needs this year.  He was so proud that he could put away the book for his younger brother to use in a year.
  2. It's the time of year that I start daydreaming about what I want to do next year.  Daydreaming is always fun because all projects in my daydreams are glowing successes.
  3. It's the time of year we always seem to start on a few short units that were not in my original plans.  For instance, I recently realized my elementary aged children don't know how to quickly calculate change, so we are doing a "unit" of playing store and making change.  To add urgency and excitement I told them if they could keep all the practice money if they became proficient before the end of two weeks.  Often my spontaneous units are more fun and successful that my carefully planned ones.
  4. Used Curriculum Sales.  
  5. Sunshine.  How can you not love a day where your family does all their reading sitting outside in the sun?
  6. I must repeat- Used Curriculum Sales.
  7. I love looking back and seeing how far my children have progressed during the year.  
  8. With warmer weather open windows.  Fresh air seems to brush the cobwebs of home school burn-out away.

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