Immersion Experience For The Unimmersable


A cheap, faked immersion into German with my favorite of all mediums... imagination.

I've long been a member of*, it's where I've purchase Pimsleur language learning downloads for my home school.

But recently I became happier because I realized that though I can't get German language novels through I can through  Wahoo.

It's way cheaper than I can order and pay for shipping of German language books on cd or print books at all.  For my first book to listen to I chose a translation of a Nicholas Sparks novel.  Umm, gag, I won't bother with any more of his.  Not that I'm opinionated or anything.  Imagine the oddity of an opinionated home schooling blogger.

Excepting the gag factor the Sparks book was a perfect first German audio-book.  It was in a familiar setting so I wasn't thrown by cultural differences and I didn't have to translate difficult idioms.

For my next audio book I think I'll choose Cornelia Funk's Tintenherz for the opposite of the above.

 I may not be able to travel at this point in my life to immerse myself with native speakers- but I can keep my brain active and trick it into thinking in German.

*Though I would love to be highly compensated for writing- especially if it involved very little work on my part- Audible has no idea how happy I am with them. 

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