Family Garden 101

Hopefully Late is better than Never. 

That's the refrain that's been going on in my brain for the last two weeks.  My garden has been drying out from the flood and blessedly my tomatoes have been thriving. Unfortunately I've not been able to get out to plant the okra, beans, and purple hulls or the companion flowers that I had in my mental schedule.

I also still do not know about all the seeds I planted before the flood.  They may be sprouting in Kentucky right now...

Plus no pictures.  Waaa.  I really love pictures.

This week I hope to get the rest of my seeds in and then some young plants of a few variety of squash.  Plus I need to figure out how to support my tomato plants.  Not to mention I'm sure I've got some weeds that need tender-loving eradication.

On the home garden-box front- we've had more lettuce than we can eat, out of just 6 heads of lettuce!  Yummy.

I hope your gardening week has been earthy and lovely!


  1. Hope your garden does well. I am hoping my tomatoes do well this year. WI had tomato blight last year.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I hope things turn out..We don't have that much to report, a red tomato, a tomatillo and it looks like we will have some jalapenos for our salsa this summer...