Wild Turkeys, Flood Waters...

My husband and two teen-aged daughters had managed to plant 72 tomato plants of several varieties and about 72 various types of pepper plants the day before all the weekend storms rolled in.

Our area got hit with about 20 inches of rain in 2 1/2 days.  You can just see the top of a sign in the middle of the first picture.  This lake is not supposed to be there.  In fact that's not even an area that has a creek.

 The second picture is directly to the right of the top picture.  It shows the right half of the garden that was still covered this morning. It seems my garden area was not submerged- at least not for long, but not all the gardeners were so lucky.  The back 1/2 acre is still covered with water.

I wonder where all the bush bean seeds I planted last Wednesday now reside? I'm not complaining, I'm warm and dry and my family is safe.

Please pray for all the families in our area who were not so fortunate.


  1. Hope you get some veggies from all your hard work.

  2. It seems like all my posts have been about garden failures lately!

  3. good grief!
    to make you feel better (maybe?) my garden is being eaten by invisible snails, AND my tomatoes have aphids...but I have a special plan...I will link up tomorrow with it's unveiling.

  4. The soil just needed a good soaking! You'll reap the benefits of this later, keep thinking positive. ;)

  5. Wow, it is a lot of rain! I hope some veggies turn out..We didn't make a post this week, we went out of town.

  6. Are you in the west or middle Tennessee area? We live in East Tennessee and are praying hard for all the flooded families in our state...