Cold Rainy Indoor Days

Cold days with drizzly sleet for days on end make for a cranky mommy and hyper kids. Here are few things we do to get the wiggles out.

Some are loud:

House Tipping- You and the kiddos pretend that the house is a boat and that it is tipping over in a storm. This game involves a lot of rolling around on the floor, grabbing onto siblings and furniture. Not for the faint-hearted. I suggest starting the game and then pouring a cup of coffee and sitting in another room, preferably eating chocolate.

Burrito Babies- Take your children's comforters and roll your children up in them. Teen-aged big brothers especial enjoy facilitating the rolling.

Then let the races begin.

If you need a quieter and more contained activity and you don't mind sweeping, find tweezers,

and fill muffin tins with corn or beans. I think this only works if you use beat-up muffin tins; but maybe that's just because all my muffin tins are beat-up.

If tweezers are too hard, weird looking scoops are fun too.

Old medicine droppers make for some easy to contain water play. My 8 yo likes me to add food coloring and then he gets out an old science set of beakers to play "Mad Scientist."

Of course there's always dress-up, boy style. Just call him Sir Daniel Boone.

It's some of what Works For Me on Wednesday or any other rainy day.


  1. Interesting! My sone has exactly the same shield set ;-))

  2. The house tipping game sounds great! (especially the eating chocolate part)

  3. My kids would love house tipping. Anything that involves rolling around on the floor is right up their ally. We'll give it a try tomorrow.