No School

Monday morning I realized we had not had a break in a long time. Normally I try to take a break about every 6 weeks. Sooo, after looking at the calendar and realizing that:
  • I needed to spend some time on taxes.
  • We had 3 different pediatrician's office visits scheduled.
  • My 15 yo needed extra practice for her piano jury on Saturday.

Though the older teens still have tutorial, we took the week off our regular school work; one of many reasons I love to home school. I love how our family can flex and roll with schedules.

The end result is my children have done as little this week as is humanly possible. I have a house full of eating/reading/movie-watching sloths. Except of course for my toddlers. My 3 yo spent the week asking as many questions as is possible to ask. The 2 yo employed his time climbing on top of and getting into everything.

Between "slothing" we did have time for some sofa cushion gymnastics.

Ready, Steady-


All in all, I'm ready for school to start again next week.


  1. I am the same the routine and rhythm that homeschooling gives our lives.

    Have a great week!

  2. A break is nice, I don't know how you could have gotten any school work done with all those appointments anyway. Good call! I hope they enjoyed their break :)

  3. It truly is amazing how lazy we get when out of the "normal" routine...

  4. I think the nicest thing about the break was how it re-affirmed the fact that I neeeeeeed a schedule to keep people (including momma) productive and content.

  5. A week of slothing is nice but always makes me ready to get back into the routine!

  6. Well, I guess this answers my question about whether or not you are a homeschooler.

    If I had homeschooled, I would have been an "unschooler."

    I used to really look forward to summers, when we had no school, no summer camp, no structure. We just played together for 8 weeks!

    Last summer, my kids filled their summer with their own stuff. OK, so I had to pay a little, but only a little.

    I didn't realize how quickly the "change" happens from doing whatever I want to doing whatever they want!

    I only have one left!!