Teen Interests

Something I never considered when I started this journey was how different all my children's interests would be. I also never knew how many odd opportunities there are for almost every interest.

For instance my 17 year old is into production: editing and filming shorts and creating special effects. One of his credits this year is for "Distributive Education." He works free-lance for some local production companies in various roles- assistant fetching coffee, pushing a camera man around on a dolly, grip, rough editing, etc. He's learning tons as well as earning money. He has entered a film festival, also as part of his credit requirement; he has to write, shoot, and edit a short about some event from United States history.

My 15 year old loves piano- well she just loves music period. We happen to live close to a university that has a pre-college program. I found out last year that they offer generous scholarships for their pre-college students. She had to go through a try-out, but was able to get a scholarship for wonderful classes. She's been involved in a home school band that provided her with a tuba and plays at the State Capital each year.

My 13 year old loves to socialize. We are part of a free P.E. co-op that is run by the teens. They get their P.E. credits, but more importantly they have a blast. She used to have a knitting club. Currently she has a friend that has organized a monthly group that gets together at a local bookstore. The group has a very serious life-skills sort of name; mostly they just chat and drink cappuccino.

What I've discovered is that there are groups for almost every interest and if there isn't already a group they are easy to form. If your child is competitive there are also competitions for almost every interest. I need to keep thinking outside the box for the rest of my children. I have an artist just a few years away from teen-dom.

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