13 Books

My family is hard on books. We're a bunch of hardcore readers, which means reading in bed, reading while walking, while bathing, while flipping pancakes, etc. Which of course means that our books are constantly out and around being read, dropped, spilt on and generally loved.

Then of course there is the matter of re-reading. When you think about the fact that there are nine in my household a beloved book probably sees more action than most public library books.

I got to thinking about the books I've replaced the most often. Here's a list of 13 beloved, thus most often destroyed/replaced books.

  1. Brown Bear Brown Bear- Eric Carle
  2. Goodnight Moon- Margaret Wise Brown
  3. Owl Moon- Jane Yolen (children's writing at it's most beautiful)
  4. Peter Rabbit- Beatrix Potter- (add her book, The Fierce Bad Rabbit too.)
  5. The Little Train That Could- Watty Piper (you've got to see the newly illustrated version)
  6. Go Dog Go- Theodore Geisel (I'm not sure why I still replace this one- I can recite the entire thing)
  7. Blueberries For Sal- Robert McCloskey ("...all mixed up on Blueberry Hill," gets a laugh every-time)
  8. The Narnia Chronicles- C.S. Lewis
  9. Lord of the Rings- J.R.R. Tolkein
  10. Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling
  11. Redwall Series-Brian Jaques
  12. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austin
  13. The Bible
  14. Where the Sidewalk Ends- Shel Silverstein (I know this is number 14, I cheat.)
Actually there are so many more- it hurts not to list all our favorites worn out titles- it feels like I'm snubbing a family member.


  1. We love books too and have been reading since the time the kids were tiny. One of our favorites is also The Little Engine that Could. I'd forgotten about it (my kids are now teens) until we drove through a campground and saw a bus that said I think I can on the side with a painting of the bus trying to make it up the hill. My kids instantly all exclaimed how much they LOVED that book!:) When we got to know the owners of the bus and discovered that they were expecting their first child, we couldn't help but get them a going away present, a copy of The Little Engine that Could. I chose the classic edition since that is what we know and love, but the newly illustrated version is adorable! I also discovered there is a new huge board book! Would have bought all three if I'd had the money...we just love books!:)

  2. That's a great story Tonya. -and a neat blessing to the baby-to-be.
    I've been looking at your blog. You meet so many interesting people.