Carrots and Sticks

The Problem:  As my teens have gotten older the time their schoolwork requires has expanded.  This last semester I had a constant problem with work not completed on time and tests not taken on schedule.

I also saw a growing problem of a blame game being played.  A home school variation of "my dog ate my homework." The song and dance that goes, "I'm not ready for this test because we went on that field trip Wednesday and then on Thursday we worked all day on a different project and you didn't remind me I had a test today...."

The Solution: I'm changing the school week to start on Tuesdays and run to Mondays.  This will give them the weekend to catch-up.  Spending the weekend studying may be so distasteful to them that they will plan their weeks better, if they don't- at least they have the extra 2 days.

The Diabolic Carrot: My teens are all a part of a P.E. group that meets Monday afternoon.  This is their group, their friends, their time.  My kids love this group.

The Even More Diabolic Stick: If their work is not completed, if all tests are not taken then P.E. is forfeited until the next week.  A home school version of no pass no play.  Cue evil laughter.

Though to be honest, I hope they don't ever have to miss- the exercise and fellowship of this group is a great thing.

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