Simplified Record Keeping

I'm a cheater with slight OCD symptoms.

I love to plan things, make schedules and lists for home schooling. I heartily dislike have to cross out my home school plans and scribble all over my home school teacher book. However, anytime I make detailed lesson plans in advance my life intervenes, and not in a kindly manner.

Years ago I figured out that I could have my cake and eat it too.

I write out goals for each child at the beginning of each year, then break it down to each semester. I get pretty specific and set goals for academics and relationship, character etc.

However, I do not write my exact plans for each day in a "teacher book" or calendar until after the day or week is over. See the cheat? No scribbling-out because what I write is what my child has already accomplished. At the end of the school year I have a neat record of each child's school work.

Simplifies my life.


  1. I can sympathize about not wanting to cross out the plans! Our schedules tend to get rearranged, too, and my planning system is similar to yours.

    I plan for the year, then break it down by weeks, in a notebook. My daily plans, though, I write only about two weeks at a time, and I do those on a loose sheet of paper. At the end of each day, I write what we've actually accomplished in the notebook.

  2. I've done that in the past also!! Now we just use a checklist to get through the week. :)