Community Gardening

I used to garden every year- until we moved to our little suburban postage-stamp of a yard about 6 years ago.  I sooooo miss fresh tomatoes picked early in the morning and eaten for breakfast.

My friend, Hope, offered us and a few other families garden space on her 17 acres.  This is the view of the soon-to-be-worked spot for my family.  

Hope always wears the prettiest smile; she only adds the funky blue boots when she's working outside.  The dog is a bonus feature. 

This is Hope's section- already disked but not yet plowed.  See how fun it is to run across?

One of the benefits of gardening with Hope is that her teens and my teens are already friends. My Littles think nothing is cooler than getting a ride (a very, very slow one) with a pretty girl on a 4-wheeler.

This gardening venture is going to be incorporated into our home school.  We plan to research and work and grow with learning and eating in mind.  One of the things I'm going to have my children do is keep a careful accounting of how much we spend in money and in time on this project.  

We have a lot of work ahead of us!  Join me each Monday as I post our progress.  If your family is doing a vegetable garden together let me know.


  1. Sounds like a great learning project. We will be doing something similar too. We live in the woods, so we don't get much sunlight. We will do some container gardening on all our decks and a neighbor has graciously offerred for us to use a patch for gardening on his land for carrots and potatoes.

  2. Diane,

    Are you going to blog about your gardening? I'm planning to do a regular Monday McLinky for family gardening projects- I'd love to see your project in action!

  3. Susan,

    That is so much fun. We moved from the country with generous acreage to a small town with fenced back yards. Fortunately, we still have a decent amount of space to grow a garden. Now, I just need the motivation. Weekly (or at least just some) accountability may be what I need.

    My children will also be very involved in the planning and planting. They enjoyed the "garden" we started last year and are already looking forward to this year.

  4. eating well had a great article this month on urban gardening. planned out an 8x4 site and everything. might give your kids some ideas about veggies etc...

  5. Milk and Honey Mommy, I'm always motivated this time of year- It's when it gets hot and dry and weedy that I need a kick in the pants, or perhaps some virtual visitors:) Just think that fence might keep nibbling critters out of your town garden.

    Nina, thanks for mentioning the article. I'm trying to gather pictures to show my kids.

  6. It is great that you can have a community garden. My husband and I were thinking of picking up a piece of land and do the same thing..Perhaps get some other families involved.
    Johanna from THL