Family Garden 101- #2

I hope you had a good gardening week. Link up and share your progress!

We didn't have anything new to plant this week out at our garden site; so far nothing is peeking through. Next week we plan on adding another row of beets; but mostly we are just waiting for the freeze date which is April 15.  Then the party really starts...

We have gotten quite a work-out putting on and taking off the cover for our salad 4x4 garden.  From temperatures in the 70's, to freeze warnings, we've seen it all this week.

We learned that if you don't cover your box carefully, and it rains torrentially, the cover will smash your plants.  Luckily nothing was irreversibly damaged.  We also discovered that our kitten is quite ferocious and is thoroughly enjoying keep rabbits away.  I hope he continues to enjoy the sport all season!

Something's sprouting- hopefully not my first weed.  Silly me can't for the life of me remember what we planted there.

Not quite enough lettuce for our family of 9, yet. Notice the lettuce is labeled as red cabbage. I forgot to instruct my toddlers on the important matter of leaving the vegetable markers alone.  

This is the slightly squashed broccoli.

Our red cabbage.  

Total spent for the week:
I ordered Bradley tomato plants, Grape tomato plants, and something else... from a friend who is selling for his 4-H fund raiser.  We will get them just in time to plant.  


  1. I can't wait for my carrots to sprout! Veggie gardens are so exciting and surprising!

  2. I'm so jealous of your frost date! :) Ours isn't until mid May. It keeps me focused on school though. :)

  3. I'm used to a March 15th frost date so waiting for April is agonizing!

  4. So glad I found this! I just started a garden for the first time this year. I'll have to post next monday and link up! yay! although mine will be much smaller :)

  5. Thanks Jo.

    Carey, glad you are planning to join!