I Can't Find My....

The theme for this week was, " I can't find,"- fill in the blank.  It was an epidemic. Certain multiple children lost pencils, pens, math books, notebooks, read-alouds, history books, their left arm, their shoes.  

O.k., no one actually lost body parts but I was getting aggravated enough to consider duct-taping school books to bodies.   

Monday we did school outside.  I have to admit we all had trouble concentrating.  However, it was lovely.

Tuesday was our state's Home School Rally Day at the capital.  My 15 yo daughter lugged her tuba to the hill to perform.  I only took my 10 yo to watch because last year it was such a long program.  This year was better organized and much shorter- I wish I had taken everyone.  

Wednesday I got the opportunity to take just my 8 yo out for a treat after school.  We always celebrate finishing a math book or a difficult text with a treat out, one-on-one, with Mom.  It's a big deal in a big family.

Thursday we lost things, we found things, and slogged through school.  My 18 yo is continuing to read the Hobbit to my 8 yo.  His reading is so animated that I find myself pausing to listen too.  Lots of the children are coming to the end of this year's curriculums.  I'm starting to day dream about next year.

Friday I enjoyed a Gross Motor workout with the three younger boys at the park while the older children worked at home.  Sliding...

Climbing while making momma's heart stop...

The park was actually a big deal.  My almost 3 yo cannot handle heat well at all so we have to make the most of park weather before the heat hits.  It was especially encouraging to watch him run about like a madman with such obviously increased coordination and core strength.

My 18 yo is getting credit for "Distributed Education" by working freelance for several small production companies.  His work has slowed dramatically so I assigned him the job of designing some blog buttons for this blog and for my main blog. I can be a very self-serving teacher.

My 10 yo is continuing to work on learning how to shade pencil drawings of fruit.  I hope to post a couple of pictures next week- if she'll let me.  We looked at a bunch of Cezanne's paintings of fruit.  I have always thought that Cezanne's peaches look as if they could roll around with joy.

Now for a weekend of cleaning and reorganizing the school books. Hopefully I'll find the still missing math notebook.


My family has been given the opportunity to participate in a community garden.  Each Monday I'll be posting updates on our grand veggie-experiment.  Join me with a link to your garden project and we'll have a virtual community garden to enjoy.


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  1. Your week sounds great! At my house if something gets lost it's usually my stuff =)The one-on-one time sounds like a wonderful time!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hooray for park time! I like your freelancer's work. :)

  3. I am sorry that yall lost things, but it is encouraging to know that my kiddos aren't the only ones that would lose body parts if they weren't connected! :-)

  4. There are times of exasperation, but they too shall pass. Glad you were able to get out of the house with the little one. Have a good weekend.

  5. I think it's catching! We've had the "I can't finds" here too. :) My little guy is just starting to understand the love of the park...he now asks "Play? Play?" whenever we drive by one. So cute.

  6. It's so good to know that my family isn't the only one that would lose their heads if they weren't attached. Isn't it funny how comforting it is to commiserate in someone else's misery. Hope you find the missing notebook and have an awesome weekend.

  7. My post tomorrow is about 'middle children'...funny because it talks a lot about 'losing things'...I can totally relate! Great post!