The Gardening Outlook: Rain

Last Monday was so exciting. Seeing the community garden space, walking through the dirt, and visualizing a postcard perfect garden.

Then rain and more Rain.

Then the disc on the plow broke. Then it rained some more. We've not been able to do anything else yet. Our local farmers co-0p has gotten in seed potatoes and onion sets that we will swing by and purchase in the next few days. Last year I waited too long and they were sold out.

Next we wait for sunshine. It's a farmer's life, in miniature. O.K. maybe just in miniscule.

If you visited yesterday to link with a gardening post- my apologies. My computer has evidently gone on vacation in mind only. Hopefully my problem will be solved today.


  1. I hope you get some sunshine soon! We had nice weather over the weekend, but now we got the pouring down rain here. The kids got to do some stuff with their plants before the rain though. I'll check back next Monday again.

  2. I'm glad you had a pretty weekend. Nice to know the sun is shining somewhere:)