When It's Not Been Great...

This was one of those busy, crazy weeks.  I think I drove to the moon and back.  Lot's of doctor's visits- but all with good news.  Lots of last-minute business errands for my husband.  Lots of teen-age activities.  It was all a bit too much.

I'd like to commune with my rocking chair and read stories to my Littles for a few days straight.  

We did accomplish things though.  My oldest turned in his film festival entry on Monday.  Then he picked up his physics and did some catch-up.  He also started working on another script and got some college acceptances in the mail.  Wahoo.  Now he has choices to make.  On his own. -Talk about surreal.

15 yo was asked to play the tuba on March 23rd at the state capital.  She had taken a break from the group but now she's back.  She's got to get her chops in gear and learn the music... quickly! No pressure. Sure.

13 yo continued with her regular list of school-work.  She also learned to cook lasagna.  A skill we all hope she practices regularly.

10 yo and 8 yo slid through the week helping me run and doing the bare minimum of school work.  On the positive side, 8 yo just finished his history text and is now listening to 17 yo read The Hobbit to him.   

3 yo is the little guy who had all the doctors appointments.  It's pretty tiring for him- but we've had some great conversations about God and prayer during the slow moments.  One of his favorite activities this week was early morning flashlight exploration.

2 yo has just been generally sweet/into everything.  Every time I returned home from one of my 3,142 errands he would run up to me, hug my leg, and exclaim, "You came back!" His favorite activity was sticking things on his fingertips.  I'll happily claim it as a math activity.

My favorite activity was watching the newest Emma from the BBC with my girls.  We loved it!  

So, though my week has not been great- or organized, it's nice to know that it's still been fine.  


  1. Whew! What a busy household you have there. Hope you have a chance to relax this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! And I was feeling sleep deprived. You are an amazing mom. Praying for the health of your family! And thanking you for helping me see that legos on the fingers count as math! :)

  3. What a busy week! Sounds like you have amazing kids! I agree, Legos on the finger is definately math!

  4. It sounds like a good week. I hope next week is more relaxing for you.

  5. I got tired reading it! You certainly have a hectic schedule sometimes! Let's pray that next week is a little slower for you. If your 13 yr old is looking for another house to practice lasagna at, I'll take her! lol

  6. "You came back!" I love it! I hope you get to enjoy your rocking chair and stories with your Littles this week.