Who Pushed Fast Forward?

I can't believe we are already into March.  It makes my heart race a bit to realize how fast the year is going because my oldest graduates in May!  Stunning.  

Speaking of my oldest.  He's working fast and furious on his film festival entry.  He won't let me post anything from his project until the night of the festival- March 27th.  I hope I at least get to see the final version before he hands it in.  

Remarkably and fabulously there was no gnashing of teeth this past Monday.  Somehow my 13 and 15 yo studied and finished all their work and made A's on all their tests.  They really have figured out how to pace themselves and work independently. Maturity is an oh-so-wondrous-a-thing.
My 8 yo has reached a frustrating plateau with his reading.  As a break from his regular reading work I've been writing silly paragraphs for him that emphasizes sounds that he seems to always forget.  

My 13 yo evidently thought my stories were not clever enough so she started writing short stories for him too. Her stories all star my 8 yo son and all end in rather grisly ways.  Today's story involved him falling out of a hot-air balloon and being eaten by sharks.  My 8 yo laughed his head off.  I'm not sure whether this is sibling bonding or future therapy bills...

My 10 yo is enjoying a new book on geography.  Well not new, but newly found.  One of the benefits of home schooling for a while is that you forget about titles that you already have on your shelves.  She's also enjoying the fact that I've finally figured out how to check out audiobooks from our library via the computer.  Watching her listen while she knits makes my heart happy.

My two littlest boys enjoyed making sugar cookies several times this week.  They've wanted to for months but I've held off until I found a recipe that matched their dietary restrictions. 

Christmas cookies in March.  Smells good to me.


  1. Looks like a good week, thanks for sharing!

  2. I am LOVING your 13 year old's stories! THAT is a good sister!

  3. I also think that this year is starting to look like a blur... I can't believe two months have gone by already!!
    Sounds like a good week, hope you have a great weekend.

  4. LOL How sweet of big sis!

    And wow on the graduate!!! Time does fly doesn't it?

  5. Sounds like lots of fun in your house! Congrats on finding a sugar cookie recipe for your little guys, quite a victory! Enjoy

  6. Your 15 year old gives me hope. My 13 year old still hasn't gotten working independently down. He can do it, he's just not a self starter.

    I love the grisly stories, sounds like something I would have done for/to my brother :)

  7. Mmmm.. Sugar Cookies! :)

    And what a good big sis! Sounds like a good week!

  8. very cool! I love the short story idea!